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We could not take our eyes off each other!

I had been snowed in for a few extra days while in Kantishna Alaska (90 miles interior Denali) and we were attempting driving out between storms. While rounding an outside curve suddenly this Grizzly momma bear and her cub pulled themselves up into the road just mere feet in front of us. We figured the cub was about 2 or 3 days out of the den. We were its first car/humans and as we screeched trying to halt and stay on road, the baby actually stood on its hind legs and threw its front legs straight into the air shaking paws very fist like and it squealed! The mom ignored everyone/everything (thank god) and lumbered a few feet away to dig roots. I missed the standing 2 legged shot because I was too in the moment of it all, shaking and laughing at the baby’s surprise.

Momma Bear allows cub to take a good look at me.

Then it began to snow hard and they melted away into the vast whiteness . . .

See more images of this mom and her curious cub at http://www.belladaze.etsy.com

I wish all Americans could share this experience. It gives you a special awareness about the need to balance all things, and to live and let live.

Beyond my bear encounter:       Here you can see into the den of a bear about to give birth! I hope I am veiwing when it happens.
Will Lily have cubs today (January 22, 2010)? Live Lily Bear Den Cam has created a lot of interest in bears! http://www.bear.org/website/visit-us/lily-den-cam.html

My Bear Photo UPDATE:

Recently two different etsy artisans have selected my bear photos to be included in their etsy treasury lists! Wow, I am so appreciative to have my work featured this way. (I was honored by one who is also a photographer.) So next time you visit etsy.com be sure to look at the shops owned by SewnNatural and milemarker. I like their talents as much as they like mine.