Looking For LERT (the artist) updated July 2014

Can You Help Unravel the Mystery of who this Artist is?

  • Do you know who LERT is/was?
  • Do you also have a painting by LERT on your wall?
  • Can you share any details about your painting: size, where you purchased it from (country, estate, gallery, etc)?
  • Please send me a photo so it can be added here and shared with the rest of the world! 
  • Contact me at kristaborart@gmail.com with photos or comments to help unravel where and when LERT lived/lives.

With gratitude, Kris.

Update January 2016:

PROGRESS! An email from Harlis states that he bought his Lert in 1975 at an open air market. It is also of two owls on a bed of leaves. The market was in Thailand on U-tapao RTAFB (Royal Thai Air Force Base). And Mike claims to have had his Lert since 1966 but left no other info. Debra S. shared her Lert’s were found in the Philippines 1975-1977 at Clark AFB. At the time of purchase she was told they were from an artist in Thailand.

Light bulb moment! It makes perfect sense to me now. As people from all over the world passed in and out of the hub at the Royal Thai Air Force Base they took home a memento in the form of paintings by Lert!!!! I would have also been drawn to the open air market and absolutely would have carted home as many as I could have afforded. I wrote back and have asked Harlis if the vendor was the artist and if so, was Lert male or female, but I haven’t heard back. I’ll be sure to update you when I do.

So if this is in fact how Lert paintings arrived all around the world, perhaps the story ends here . . . or perhaps someone new will eventually come forward like a family member or neighbor.

A new comment January 17, 2016 shares info about the leaves used in Lert paintings. I have long felt tobacco leaves weren’t correct but had no other contributing thoughts until now. Today’s correspondence says, “I have many of these paintings. The leaves are either betel or bodhi. Bodhi leaf has pointed tip. Betel leaf has rounded tip.”  Here’s a link to read more about both leaves. http://www.buddhamind.info/leftside/arty/bod-leaf.htm  I am hoping the writer will contact us again imparting more info about how the paintings came to him/her, where in the world they may have been for so long, and as always please send a jpeg so we can revel in the variety of Lert art.

Updated July 2014:

I finally have come across a painting similar to some of Lert’s work. However, the artist GRIS seems just as unknown. Don’t you think the artists must have known of each other? I wonder who created this style of painting first? SAMSUNG

I also just found a photo on my computer from 2013. John in Lebanon Kentucky shared these Lert birds. No back story to share but glad John sent us this painting.

John Kentucky017

Another batch of new clues! So far I conclude Lert was a Thai artist.

Updated June 2014:

Debra S. recently confirmed she purchased 2 Lert paintings while they were stationed in the Philippines 1975-1977 at Clark AFB. At the time of purchase she was told they were from an artist in Thailand. Debra sent me their Lert owl paintings but I must have deleted it by accident. Debra, please forward me that email again!

Mary from Southern California found her wonderful Lert painting at an estate sale:

mary freeman 1 mary freeman 2 mary freeman 3

Dustin wrote me last June 2013 and I just realized I never uploaded his lovely Lert. I recall asking where Justin resides and never heard back, but he shared that his painting came from a local thrift store, measuring 8.5″x10.5″

lert4 lert1

Updated February 2014:

Tamei from Canyon Lake, Texas USA took time to send in photos of a Lert pen and ink.  Here’s what Tamei had to say. “Found my Lert at a local thrift store, guess someone died & their family didn’t appreciate this very awesome pen & ink Owl pic? Their loss!!” Tamei adds, frame is 16×20, but drawing (on. board,on leaves) seems to measure 16 long x almost 13 across. Am glad to be learning about artist also! It’s nice to know am not alone in my admiration for this talented artist! Was thinking,if we could identify origin of leaves,maybe that would help?

I totally agree with Tamei! Splendid details in this ink drawing on a bed of leaves!

IMAG0821 IMAG0823 IMAG0830 IMAG0831

Updated October 20, 2013:

A new clue about the mysterious unknown artist LERT has arrived!

From El Paso Texas Ricardo shares that the Lert he owns was owned by his mother for as long as he can recall. His mother passed a few years ago and Ricardo rescued the painting before it was tossed out. Sounds like the end of the stream of information but the framer left us some details on the back of this lovely cat painting. We now know this painting was framed in late December 1975 or early January 1976. We still don’t know when or where Lert actually lived . . .  the painting could have been re-framed in 1975 or perhaps finally framed in 1975. Did Lert live in Angeles City in Philippines ? Or was this treasure a memento from somewhere else on earth and carried home to Angeles City. Okay sleuths – what do you think? By the way, Ricardo also says he is willing to sell this cat painting for the right price.


Update July 26th 2013:

Today Anna sends greetings from the Ukraine to all of us Lert fans, and she has included a photo of her family’s lovely Lert painting. This is the second photo to be received of a canvas without the leaves as a base. Perhaps the canvases are earlier art paintings, or do you think the painted leaf backgrounds came first? I feel like the regular canvases came first and the leaves second. But I also first thought Lert was a woman when I had only seen the bird paintings. After the two smoking men painting arrived I have personally decided Lert was a male. Someday I hope to learn more than just guesses!

Either way, the artist known only as LERT is/was a very prolific painter. I wonder if Lert ever imagined having paintings traveling wide across the world and to be enjoyed by so many people? I hope so!


Update May 12, 2013: David from Florida has provided another Lert bird painting. He didn’t share its dimensions, but sent along this note:

Just like you I love this small but very delicate painting. It is painted on leaves and very well detailed. I too am searching for this artist. Please keep me informed of any information you find. Thank you

Lert-D McLaughlin Florida copy

Update February 9, 2013: Today I am so pleased to share two more Lert’s ! This time both are of pairs of birds. Thank you Margaret from New Zealand for sending us your treasured art. I wonder if you recently acquired them or have you had them for some years?

Lert owlsLR NZ Lert finchesLR NZMargaret from New Zealand shared both the owls and the finches (above).

Update January 28, 2013: Another puzzle piece! Today Per, an art lover from Sweden emailed me a photo of another LERT painting! This is a larger 48×38 painting and it is the first one to surface that has not been painted on a bed of leaves. This scene lends belief to the possibility that Indonesia may indeed be where Lert hails from.

Sweden_0417LROwner of the above LERT painting is Per from Sweden.

Artist: LERT Owner of this LERT drawing: Pedro, Central Florida

This page is dedicated to finding information about an artist who signed work with the 4 letter name, LERT. Eventually I hope enough information and hints about this delightful obscure artist will come to light and I can build a website/blog dedicated to LERT’s work.

Summer 2012 I was rummaging through Prineville Oregon’s Fallen Angel Antiques and was overwhelmed by a small bird painting on a bed of leaves. Everyone that sees it hanging on my cottage wall asks about the happy painting. A quick Googlesearch has not led to any light being shed on the artist. Fragments of information

I mentioned the artist and painting on this Belladaze blog when I wrote about the Central Oregon trip (that I was on when I found my own little LERT treasure). Slowly other LERT owners have begun to surface. Mary in California, Pedro in Florida, Alan in Ohio.

Your Comments and tiny bits of information will eventually weave the bio of the obscure artist known to a few as LERT.

So who is LERT? Male? A female artist? Well it’s a start! And now we know LERT also produced large 18 x 24 ink drawings on the same bed of leaves surfaces. Pedro from Central Florida shared this wonderful drawing that he bought about 20 years ago. Do you also have a LERT image to share with us? Please contact me at Belladazeart@gmail.com with photos or comments to help unravel where and when LERT lived/lives. With gratitude, Kris.

Updated January 19, 2013 – Eric also has shared a wonderful LERT original seen here, front & back:  Eric 2 men smoking photo Eric 2 men smoking back

And here is another look at my small charming LERT bird painting:  IMG_3265-001After reading about this auctioned Lert, I have decided mine is perhaps one of the Bush Bird series:

Found another tidbit regarding an online auction sale in 2010:



Artist Lert, Signed Original Mixed Media on Board, Title: BUSH BIRDS, Framed, Frame Size: 450mm x 400mm, Image Size: 295mm x 245mm, Image in excellent condition, frame in very good condition. A most delicate work. Unique/Quality.(SN:18)(130944-18)

Artist Lert, Signed Original Mixed Media on Board,

Title: BUSH BIRDS       Current bid: $86

Quantity Available: 1    This auction has ended    Closed: 01/03/2010 7.30 PM AEDT

I have also found a left over web page from an AU auction that no longer had an image associated with the page (sold/expired listing), but the description spoke of Lert as being an Indonesian artist. That feels right to me. What do you think?


24 thoughts on “Looking For LERT (the artist) updated July 2014”

  1. Erik anfinson said:

    I have a lert with two guys smoking pipes it is a number 22 with a price penciled on the back of $1200.00 wanted to find out more myself

  2. belladaze said:

    Eric, can you tell us where you’re located or where you came across your Lert? How about sending a photo of it that we can post on this page?

  3. David McLaughlin said:

    I too have a LERT painting on leaves of a small bird. The detail is amazing. I found mine in Jacksonvill FL.

  4. David McLaughlin said:

    I too have a LERT painting on leaves of a small bird. The detail is amazing. I found mine in Jacksonvill FL. The painting is 14 inch by 10 inch.

  5. Sent U pix of my Owl-Lert from Texas,
    Did U receive them? Very interested as well! Thanks!

    • Hi Tamei. Thank you for sending your Owl-Lert photos. I’ll try to get them posted this week for everyone to see. Cheers, Kris

  6. We have a Lert painting. It is Also a pair of birds painted on leaves. Have you found out more a about this Artist or approx. the worth of any paintings

  7. Harlis Burton said:

    I bought my Lert at a open market on U-tapao RTAFB in Thailand in1975. Two owls on a bed of leaves.

  8. Charlotte Shaylor said:

    I have a Lert painting that my husband bought in Thailand in 1972. It is painted on leaves and has 3 birds in a tree. It is a 12X24 painting in a teak frame that measures 28X16. It has No.2 on the back of it.

    • belladaze said:

      Hi Charlotte. Great to hear from you! Please send me a photo of your painting when you can. Did your husband buy it at a Thai market on the air base? What state/country are you now living? Anything else you can think of? Best, Kris

  9. Kris,
    I emailed you my Lert old man smoking pipe painting. Beautiful!
    Located in Illinois.
    Hope we all get an idea who Lert is.

  10. Debra Sanders said:

    Wow, didn’t think there would be all this information when I googled LERT. We have two pen and ink drawings. One is of two owls and the other has two birds sitting on branches. We purchased these while stationed in the Philippines 1975-1977 at Clark AFB. I was told at that time that they were from Thailand.

  11. Terre Glover said:

    My husband purchased a Lert pen and ink of two birds in the late 70s when we lived in Houston, TX. He bought it at a garage or moving sale; I can’t remember which. He paid maybe $5 for the picture. I always thought it was most beautiful and very unique, being mounted over leaves. I have been trying to find out something about the artist for years and this is the first forum I have come across that has given him (or her) some recognition. I’m very eager to learn more.

  12. i have a lert painting for 48 years

  13. I have two Lert pin and ink. That were bought in Dubai in the 70’s.

  14. I Just found one in a garage sale in San Francisco- I’ll get a picture soon

  15. We also have 2 “old man” paintings on leaves, signed Griss. They were bought by someone else at a auction many years ago in North Hollywood. The auction was held by “Royal Art, Ltd.” Both have a certificate of authenticity signed by a J.Ford. We have been trying to find out about them for many years. We got them from a friend here in Washington state. I think he said his Mom or Grandma a long time ago bought them at the auction. We can tell the difference between a Griss and a Lert. Anyone have anything new?

  16. I have two oil leaf bird paintings by Gris that look exactly like the Lert paintings pictured on this website. They were purchased in Hawaii about 20 years ago. Maybe Gris was a protege or student or ? of Lert. My gut tells me these were done as part of the 50s/60s tourist trade in Southeast Asia and that there may be hundreds of them all over the world.

  17. Elaine Marusak said:

    i recently purchased two lovely Lert bird paintings on board / on leaf. They are roughly 8.5 inches by 10.5 inches. I purchased them for $ 24.00 US dollars each at East Fort Mall in Mesquite, TX which is an antique mall which imports from the UK. They are labeled on the back Fine Pictures, Mearsdon Manor Wild Life Gallery, Moretonhampstead, Devon, England. I have photos but not sure how to get them to you. Mearsdon Manor is a very old residence in that neck of the woods and I found online it is now a tea room so it appears the Wild Life Gallery is no more. I found no photos of Mearsdon Manor specific but an amazing description from 1955 when it was added to a register of historic places and some beautiful scenic photos of Moretonhampstead.

    • belladaze said:

      Thank you for such rich details. Now i am curious about Mearsdon Manor! We would love to see your Lert bird paintings. Please email jpg’s to kristaborart@gmail.com so they can be shared with others who are also interested in the lovely Lert paintings scattered all over the world.

  18. Hi,

    I purchased a framed piece of ‘Lert’ art today. It is of 2 birds on a branch. I purchased it from a second hand store in Orange, NSW, Australia. The person at the second hand store couldn’t tell me much about it, but the use of leaves was intriguing and it was attractuve and not overpriced.
    It is about 8x10inch in size.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to attach a picture!


  19. Christina said:

    I recently bought 2 Lert paintings at Goodwill in Naperville, Illinois. I picked up 2 owls on a branch and a tree. I got them for $6.99 each. Both will hang proudly in my dining room. My middle son and I thought they were really neat being painted on leaves and I have a thing for the unique. I just love them.

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