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Belladaze strives to be an interesting rest stop for anyone having a bad day. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and indulge in a slice of warm virtual banana bread. This is a family friendly portal with rich ties to the great Pacific Northwest~USA and I, Kris Tabor, enjoy thinking of myself as a citizen of our world ~ yours and mine.

August 14, 2009 ~ my Belladaze blog post  landed on the front page of wordpress.com as a blog of special interest and content. Wow! Such a great honor. (Guess I am a bit more mainstream than I realized.) From this day forward I will be much more focused and diligent to add content more frequently! I want to also express my gratitude to Nancy J Bailey and her amazing horse Clifford of Drummond Island for their talent and our budding friendship. It was Nancy and Cliffy that I wrote about yesterday. Initially we found each other on twitter, and we both encourage all of you to start typing, read more, make art-any kind of art, dance until you’re dizzy, love and laugh with passion ~ and enjoy this big beautiful interconnected world we live in.

Thank you wordpress!  ~Kris

Nancy and Cliffy

Belladaze – my vision is a place where anyone just beyond the edges of corporate mainstream will understand the bent and enjoy nooks and cranny’s of artists, writers, thinkers, gardeners, illustrators, photographers, crafters, kids at heart, animal lovers. Congregate and speak your heart. Leave me a message. I will appreciate knowing you were here.

I am one of the happily cursed folks who is truly interested and is drawn to tons of different things. I could have been a teacher, mom, artist, photographer, farmer, explorer, naturalist, writer;  instead I am all of these things jumbled together and I am good with it ~ and good at it! After I finally gave up the corporate clone series (back in the early 90’s!) and learned to embrace all my stray traits; it has made for a very interesting and rich life. I highly recommend making memories outside the box now rather than later.

We made the front page news!

Wow, we made the front page!

How to find my digital self:

I am BellaDaze on many networks ~ but a teenage guy beat me to it on YouTube. Oh well, my cam recorder isn’t working anyway and I am still one of the few on Earth without an iPhone.




http://twitter.com/belladaze [@BellaDaze]


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3 thoughts on “Who is BellaDaze . . .”

  1. Loved the videos of Cliffy. Had to laugh at him retrieving the traffic cone. My Billy won’t fetch, but he will fling a cone to some invisible entity when the mood strikes him. Such lovable goofs!

  2. I enjoyed your horses very much. I have only MS Patches. A Tortoise Shell Cat. We are old ladies now. She is the last of my children’s Pets. They are all grown up now.
    Cliffy, will be making a bundle in no time. Have you shown Him the Elephants that make their living painting now? They no longer use them for hauling logs etc.

    You and the whole gang enjoy Your wonderful day.


  3. what a wonderful intro to you and yours. Love the way you write and I look forward to checking out your blog and now I’m off to etsy to look.
    have a beautiful day

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