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A recent email from El Paso Texas has arrived that offers more information about the unknown artist LERT. I am excited to share that at long last we now have a date associated with a painting. It was penciled on the paintings paper back. It appears to say date due -1/10/76. I suspect that was a note made by the frame shop who fortunately also placed a label on the painting to announce their work. So now we know Lert was actively painting prior to 1976 and this particular painting was professionally framed in Angeles City, Philippines, probably in late December 1975. Ah, but was this done much earlier and never framed or was this a re-framing job? Maybe another Lert clue will arrive soon!

The artist Lert still painted this one on a bed of leaves but this time we have a beautiful domestic cat as the subject. Birds are most frequently Lert’s subjects so this was fun for me to see. Click over to my dedicated LERT page on this blog to see how wonderful the cat is, and all the other photos of paintings from around the globe by the talented, prolific, and virtually unknown artist Lert.4-20131020_143421