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I just watched a Dove COMMERCIAL for this youtube video all the way through. The video itself is also heart warming but the commercial will stay with me much longer!!! Don’t you agree?

Oh my – the commercial didn’t embed. Well, like I said the video is good too. If you click over and watch this on you tube you will see the COMMERCIAL that stirred me!

If you don’t click and are still hanging around that commercial reminded me of the day a man appeared at my cottage door. He had been a year younger than me in high school twenty years earlier. We were from a very small town and it only took moments to chat about old times. [4 girls, 10 boys in my senior class!] Then he sweetly and politely described the “girl” he used to know back in those days. It took awhile before I grasped that was me he was speaking of!

I hope someone reminds you very soon that you are exceptionally beautiful inside and out! And I hope you take time to see the Dove commercial where the artist Gil Zamora invite his subjects in without ever seeing them. A lovely drape separates them. He asks the subject to describe different features about their face and he sketches a response to what is described.

While in the waiting area, other people are asked to take great notice of a certain person. When they then join the artist – still unseen – they are asked to describe the person they met in the outer room. The artist then sketches a face from their response. Later the first person comes in to meet the artist and sees both descriptive faces. In each case it is the other persons description that most remarkably is a match!

ps – and don’t forget to help someone today and everyday! When you do something wonderful it makes a difference in someones life – and your own too.