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There are four Safeway stores within my grocery shopping boundaries. After hearing this poorly executed joke offered by Bob Gordon, senior vice president and general counsel for Safeway Inc., as a kick off at a shareholder meeting earlier this week, I will be happy to drive elsewhere to buy my groceries. Gordon’s “joke” about former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton being worth less than pigs is thoughtless and distasteful. No woman (or anyone else) deserves to be the brunt of a mindless joke. I have to wonder if Gordon and Mitt Romney attended some of the same schools . . . bullying and making jokes at others expense go hand in hand in my book. This is not what I call humor. How about you? Share some real humor folks – we all could use some healing laughter and good medicine.

Political years birth way too much negativity!

And if Gordon has a daughter, you can only wonder about her self esteem . . .