Here’s a treat from JohnMichaelPhotos. Aren’t you glad he stayed in his studio and captured perfectly decayed moments?!!!! Thanks John.

By the way, I noted John’s secret trick to accomplish this:

He used “Two cheap lenses, attached to each other face-to-face. I attached a 70-210 lens to my camera. Then on the front of that, I screwed on a cheap, old, manual focus 50 mm lens. So the “front” of your weird-looking lens is really the back of the 50 mm. It makes depth of field paper-thin, but it lets you get EXTREMELY close to things. As you can see in the picture.”

How close depends on the ratio between the two lenses. 210:50 gets you very close. 100:50 gets you less close (but still VERY close). 210:24 would get you even closer. It all depends on the ratio between the two focal lengths.

“For anyone else reading this: To screw the two together, you can buy a special male-male ring. Or you can make one yourself, DIY-style. That’s what I did. I had a lot of old Cokin rings. I got two, one that fit my 50, and one that fit my 70-210. I put them face to face and glued them together. That works perfectly, and it’s fun. Makes me feel like a man. Tough guy…using glue.”