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Some season’s plans never quite materialize and you just have to roll with how ever days unfold. I won’t be hosting the winter solstice evening I envisioned, nor will my outdoor decorative lights be blazing to greet all who drive by. To help get myself in the mood today I got up an hour early for some alone time with my  photos and blog. Here are a few favorite photos taken of a friends home last year. I think the Nativity glowing in the reflective mirror sums up the magic of filling our homes and hearts with love and memories . . .

It is mid December and I just realized I really need to immerse myself in the spirit of the season. This year I am very busy as the primary care giver for my 91 year old neighbor. (She has struggled with a pressure ulcer that has exposed a tendon between her toes . . .) So far I only have managed to cut a beautiful Noble tree and did get it inside, (yes, it is still naked after gracing the cottage for a week now!), and the wreaths on my door and my dear neighbor’s are hung . . . but I haven’t managed to add ribbons yet.

Over the next few days I will be adding more of the stunning Christmas decor photos of this beautiful home. Each interior and exterior photo depicts the beauty of the woman who lives here. Simply reviewing her pictures this morning has already lifted my spirits. Now I know I will accomplish embellishing my own home today, not to this extent but my own style will again be shining through.

How do you decorate your space? Send me some photo’s of what speaks through you. I’d love to share them here.

Writing always helps sort out my life and prioritize how to squeeze in several more important things. My lists seem to materialize and evaporate whenever I take a few moments and write here. How does blogging affect your life?