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People come and people go, ebbing and flowing throughout life’s mysterious stream of connections – and this is why I have not visited my keyboard regularly this summer. I have been far too busy to write because I am consciously experiencing each interesting person I have had the opportunity to think of, meet or interact with on an intimate level. LIFE has simply gotten in the way – !

Tonight it occurred to me that perhaps you may wish to relate to how I have been spending my summer. Over the next months I hope to introduce you to some extraordinary people whom I have been in contact with this summer – a full range of interaction from simple yet meaningful contacts all the way to profound life changers who retell it their way – and rocking your core while they’re at it!

One such tale gutted me but the all of the other remarkable stories remind us that living in too much comfort, familiarity, or just plain fear is really no life at all. Then again, most of you who read my blog regularly, already relate to that last remark.

Here is a partial list of what I plan to share:

My nine-eleven dinner party:
Morocco and The Netherlands came together with the good old USA & much of our old neighborhood. Very interesting conversations and lots of plans being made for a September meetup in Morocco next year . . .

Dahlias and Giant Lemons (I mean GIANT), produce an unexpected sincere interaction.

A Master Gardener, who has spiritually touched the lives of thousands, passes her torch and her Forever Blue Gardens to new generations.

A forever best friend recently enjoyed visiting his personal favorite Earthly place and left us full of pause as well as a new commitment to think about what real friendship is.

Help on the Horizon Arrived and tackled BLACKBERRY vines on the hillside between my cottage and barnyard. WOW! One very driven man accomplished more in a few hours than I can do working over a period of a month!

I have also started spending chunks of time daily with a 91+ y/o neighbor. Our goal is to keep her healthy and in her home. Fortunately her mind is pretty sharp and she still loves to read, so I am trying to read many of the same books. We both just finished Tea Obreht’s, The Tiger’s Wife. I will take her Brian Doyle’s exceptional Mink River tomorrow.

And in my spare time my 17 y/o great nephew and I have been working on our photography portfolios. He likely will not have funds to attend college so I am encouraging his photography passion. It’s also just plain wonderful to help him expand his universe as much as possible. August 20th was our first wedding shoot! Lucky us – the bride was even more beautiful than her extraordinary venue. Wait until you see her stunning vintage 3rd generation gown!

Now you know why my writing has been sparse, but with this agenda outlined, I should be ready to send you some great stuff shortly. Enjoy these last few summer moments.