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This old truck has been waiting a very long time for some attention, and this week it is getting it. The truck permanently resides just a bit north of I-84 at Baker Oregon. It gets a bit lonely out there, but wow, no complaining with that view!

My daughter took this photo during an annual mom/daughter meetup weekend. We were in the Baker/Sumpter area hanging out; a little shopping, flea market exploration, evening chick-flick’s, and enjoying the kind of evening sunset drives everyone envies. I accidentally forgot my camera the evening we found this stunning truck, and since I was cold, I hopped back into our car and cranked the heater, leaving Kira to explore every inch of this scene by herself. Before long these old trucks became a theme with us. You will find lots more rusted treasures on our Belladaze etsy shop.

I personally love the vivid truck with the rusted arched mirror frame, also taken by Kira Lewis, but the Sunset Truck shown here has had 36 admirers take enough time to log into etsy and claim it as a favorite. Plus this gem was featured in 4 etsy Treasury Collections just in the past week.
Congratulations Kira!