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Recently I re-pinned this exceptional porch onto my pinterest board and added a wistful note. Fellow blogger, Rosemary Beck, commented back that she was jealous I had a bedroom porch.  And it is a wonderful one, but not nearly as elaborate as the one seen below. I started to answer Rosemary’s comment but there are not enough spaces for me, however, here I can post my elaborate answer and let you in on our conversation too.

My bedroom is the 1938 cottage’s original living room meaning my bedroom is blessed with a gorgeous porch and exterior door. The porch steps lead into an amazing perennial garden, then through the archway I cut into the laurel hedge and an old veggie garden sits tiered on the hillside commanding a view overlooking the beaver ponds, little orchard and barnyard. The house faces the meadows and river just like a good vacation home faces out towards its best view.

Since you drive in at the back of my house, few people ever got further than the kitchen or family room. One day it dawned on me that most friends would swear I did not actually have a living room, so why not take it over as MY room and really start enjoying the door and porch, oh and the FIREPLACE too. I find it all very romantic, and much more functional for me.

The sky shows out there are incredible. Now if deer nibble in my rose garden I will see them immediately. If the goat gets out he runs up on my bedroom porch and looks in. If the dog wants a nap he uses the porch’s old rocking loveseat. Honestly, it’s all better than television!

This slideshow is of my bedroom, its porch, and some of the wonderful skies I get to watch from there. (I am sorry to say I can not figure out how to omit the exceptional porch from my slide show! The slide show was generated before uploading the porch with the outdoor fireplace, but still it ends up in the show, hmmm?)

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A side note about  wonderful blogger Rosemary Beck – she is active and positive. Subscribe to her blog and she will daily  find and share things that always delight you. I truly look forward to Rosemary in my in-box!

Here is her pinterest link and Rosemary’s Content In A Cottage blog.