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This morning one of my big “pups” needed out at 3:45 am. Instead of letting it irritate me and set a rotten tone for the day I decided to look at it with softer eyes. With a slight adjustment I am holding this moment as a day of great promise . . . The power is on. A cup of creamy black tea steams next to me. A cat is curled up on the sofa arm. A bed of hot coals in the wood stove. Plenty of wood stacked near the door and a wonderful opportunity to watch a brilliant winter sun rise. And a small promise of snow later this morning as the cold transitions back to Northwest rain.

Here is a powerful thought to start or end every day of our lives:

. . .

Book contracts and photos are due today for my etsy female photographers team, fPoe. I hope the dogs let me finish this task before our walk to the river. Wish me luck with that! I also want to post at least two more etsy Treasury Collections this morning. I am so grateful to all the wonderful people who have found my work worthy of being included in a Treasury! Re-posting the Treasuries here is my way of adding an extended life to all the curators hard work, and a way to say thank you to them while honoring each of the other 14 featured etsy artisans. Hope you are all enjoying seeing their work too.
There are lots more Treasuries to come!