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Wow-great find at gogovintage.etsy.com

I remember the first article of clothing I ever made. I took backbreaking money (earned picking strawberries) and thought I would walk to Holt’s Shopping Center and buy as many ice cream sandwich’s as I could. When the nice lady cashier suggested I probably couldn’t eat them all before they melted, I put back all but two or three and commenced to eat them in the parking lot. I went back into the store considering a few more of the treats but this time bolts of fabric in the corner caught my eye. I finally settled on purchasing a remnant of black and yellow calico fabric and a pack of rickrack. Proudly I marched home across the hay field with an extended tummy and some big ideas for an 9 year old.

My Mom did not sew but we kept a large basket filled with sewing and mending necessities . . . scissors, black thread, a pointy needle and shiny thimble, and the ever important measuring tape. Grandmother always said you can do anything with these things and I was excited to try. Eventually I secretly fashioned myself a little summer top that covered more than it needed to and tied together in the back. I remember wearing that top proudly and often.

Eventually I took sewing classes and always loved pleats and the details of french seams and pin-tucking. Vintage clothing felt romantic and exotic. I always wanted to re-create my mother’s 1948 wedding suit but couldn’t locate a similar pattern. As far as my school was concerned Butterick was in and Vogue was definitely out! I painfully protested when I made a fabulous pair of sail cloth culottes in home economics and got sent home for trying to wear them the afternoon after I finished them in class. (Thank you Mrs. Roberta Exley for giving me an A+ and not being part of that stupidity.)

Vintage clothing has always inspired me, so it is no wonder First Lady Michelle Obama took my breath away with her vintage Christmas gown. All week I have been drooling over some lovely vintage and vintage inspired items, so the First Lady’s gown was like icing on a cake for me. What do you love most about this creation? Tons of fabulous details in this ~  wrapped, appliqued, tucked, pleated . . .

This gown belongs in my closet! (I found this gown on a blog – borrowed without sharing the source, so I can not credit the designer or source either. If this beauty is not a vintage gown, I am sure it was inspired by period gowns and will become a stunning vintage item one day.)

I do not have any place to wear anything so extravagant but what a smile it would put on my face owning it!


I found this stunning vintage party dress for sale on etsy.

Check out the size and price at thrush.etsy.com


And here is a peek at the First Lady’s fabulous vintage Christmas 2010 gown.

This vintage/replica mourning gown would be wonderful to wear while picking spring daisies in my meadow. Here’s a link to visit captaincat’s etsy shop for more details and views.