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First I must admit I do not watch much television, but yesterday it was on as “background” and twice yesterday I saw bleeps of Barbara Walters upcoming interview with Oprah. What tiny preview I saw was moving to me.

Even before I first opened my eyes this morning I could hear my sleepy self attempting to repeat Oprah’s teary words as she spoke about her forever friend Gayle King. I doubt if I recall the words exactly but here is the essence of love for a best friend:

She is the mother everyone deserves . . .
The sister everyone wants . . .
The friend everyone needs . . .

And that brought tears to my eyes. There is little more to be said about a best friend. Well, except that I can’t help but feel a little sad for all the narrow minded fools who could never recognize a true friend since they would be too busy worrying that their “friend” is a lesbian.

I am not one who cares if Oprah and Gayle are gay or not, (nor have I ever thought they are) but now I wish I’d been able to watch the Bab’s interview for more words of wisdom . . . and thank you dear O for beautifully defining what makes a true best friend.

Everyone . . . take a moment today and tell your best forever friend how important they are to you!