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This is where I camped recently. Every sunrise and sunset took my breath away! Everywhere I looked was a scene waiting to be photographed. I took this photo and will probably never get tired of looking at it. It feels like a painting, doesn’t it? My friends took to the water every chance they got – fishing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming and bathing. The lake was much warmer than I thought a high mountain lake would be.

The last 10 miles of road going in took about 2 hours to drive so most of you wouldn’t be visiting this lake even if I told you where it is, but I was sworn to not mention exactly where we camped, so don’t ask!

I love venturing off-grid and renewing my bonds with Nature. Some of my friends get it – others think I am delusional. I think it is a shame we all don’t enjoy whatever Nature offers up to us. If you understand what I am saying, then I urge you to please take a few moments and think of ways you can help protect the world’s last wild and natural places. The sanity of future generations depends on our actions now.

I never once missed the cell phone or laptop and wished I could have stayed out there longer. Have you ever camped for more than two weeks? I recommend trying it sometime! It’s a wonderful way to get to know yourself better!

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