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Re-accessing my passions and skills last spring has taken me down several very interesting roads this summer. This is where I started.

What can be done with these skills?
I write
I do photography
I love telling a story
I can adequately make my way around the internet
I have strong sales and marketing skills
I like how it feels at the end of the day when I have done a good job helping others

I have been doing more independent real estate photography. I have a strong sales and marketing background but at this intersection of my life, I am committed to living as creatively as I can. However, one must still put quality food on the table. In a delightful compromise I am building a niche assisting Realtors with ways to creatively marketing residences.

Sure, I know this is a difficult time for home sellers right now, but that presents the opportunity to get creative and do things differently from the traditional standard. The internet has really changed the way we can market ideas and products. Homes and real estate are such visual products. I began working with a great Realtor, Cher Tollefson. Cher wanted to maximize the way her clients homes are shown. Now a big handful of savvy realtors have surfaced. They love selling and helping their clients transform lives. I love photography and learning new applications. I won’t share all my secrets this morning, but the still video shown here is part of a package I just finished for a client who called and said, “Give me the works!” The still video solution I have created will make it easier to find a buyer for this wonderful home that is not visible from the road. It also made a great gift for Carrie’s sellers.

Does anyone know how to get a better selection than the 3 youtube images that is automatically generated?

Summer is such a busy time and my lack of blog posts echos this. My summer has been filled with some really great projects, from deep editing a book for Louise Neilson, “Mediating with Picasso” to giving my great nephew a birthday campout at the farm TODAY! I better get busy . . . Happy Sixteenth Birthday Keil . . .