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This morning I am sharing my recent bald eagle sighting. I spent a long weekend in North Eastern Oregon and for the return trip home I selected a scenic route that had potential for photo opportunity. All that colorful hay baling twine in the eagles nest was a surprise. I hope the young birds don’t get tangled in it. I could see them dart their heads up towards Mom, but I never got the timing right to capture those moments. After I was another 10 minutes down the road I realized I had forgotten to use my new tripod. That would have really helped with the long lens.

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An Eagle pair dwell just up river from my farm. It seems like they do a low fly over and wrap a shadowy cloak around me every time I take one of those walks where I am weighing out heavy choices and decisions. Their presence always feels so deliberate as they dip overhead and fly low along the trail I have taken. The sheer rush of these encounters stays with me for weeks, and I usually temporarily forget about whatever was weighing me down just then.

Giant Osprey actually live high above me. They are in an ancient tree right next to my cottage. Our relationship is also magical, but we see each other almost daily so it isn’t quite the same as when I encounter the eagles. One disadvantage of living this close to the big birds, well, let’s just say I must wash my car A LOT! They are so high in these very old big trees, you’d think the branches would catch more of the bird poop and less would actually make it to my car.

A Great Horned Owl was recently out along the river trail too. I was in my little farm truck when I saw him. We both seemed amazed at each other. The owl would fly ahead of me about 100 feet and land in a tree and watch me. Then I would slowly drive forward. As I got near, it would fly down the trail, land again and start the watch over. We did this until the trail ended at the river and the owl no longer had the security of the woods.

So when a Nisqually medicine man once was a guest at my cottage, it was of little surprise that he told me the eagles are my spirit keeper, and the owl was the eagle of the night. On many levels I intuitively knew this, I just had never had someone else be aware, nor had anyone before labeled my relationship with the birds of prey.