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Wild Things, looking at the world around us; an amazing wordpress blog that I want to share with you. I only became aware of it today or I would have told everyone about it sooner.

This blog does an excellent job seeking to understand and express the nonhuman world and its relation to humanity. Each of the four contributors approach from different perspectives including art, naturalism, creative writing, and philosophy. It is collaborative work at its best. Each contributor deserves our time to pour through every post they have written.

I did not turn up any 2010 contributions but I plan to go back and dig deeper. I even found an entry on the work of artist Patrick Dougherty. Many of my readers took time to comment when I blogged about Patrick’s stick art back in November 2009. So of course I was excited to find his work at Wild Things and learn more about him. Wild Things contributor, nruele, has included many photos of Dougherty’s amazing work, which is created by wrapping and coercing limbs and sticks into sculpture and architectural forms of whimsy.

It was a glorious way to spend part of my morning at Wild Things! I hope you put them on your radar too.

Photo Conservation “There are as many levels of wonder in the silent beat of a butterfly wing as in the howl of a wolf.” — Douglas H. Chadwick, biologist Photojournalism can expose environmental problems in their starkest forms. There’s something about the power of giving words shape and color through images. Though reading about endangered tigers in India raises awareness and emphasizes a crucial issue, it is the accompanying photograph that will brand its emotiv … Read More

via Wild Things