“It’s the bits and pieces put together year after year that count. Sometimes we don’t see meaning in the little things and we are not conscious of how it all works together to create a powerful image. The little things we do at home…putting wildflowers in a vase…an old photograph tucked into a frame, a lullaby each evening by the bedside…are the putty that holds the mosaic together.” ~ Ingrid Trobisch

My mother has been gone for 14 years now. My daughter has lived in a different state for 6 years. Mother’s Day, for me, is mostly a glorious walk down memory lane of rich tapestries woven from years past. . . and a day I enjoy pampering myself.

I will bring home a new plant and enjoy it as much as my mom did when I used to bring her flowering May gifts. I will also hang a sweet cheery birdhouse today. My daughter sent it at Christmastime and I have left it boxed waiting to unveil it today. I made myself special coffee this morning, and this afternoon I will share time in a garden of a friend who also is without her mom today. This evening I will take a precious walk with memories of Mom, her Mother, and I will laugh out loud while thinking of all the fun days I have shared with my own lovely girl.

I hope those of you who are still able to reach out to your mothers and children will have a wondrous day. . . and to those of us adult orphans, I send my love and hope you find a few moments to pamper yourself today too. Your Mother would want you to. . .