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It appears young Ella has beat her liver cancer! She is enjoying pre-school and being the big sister to a new baby brother. This was a difficult struggle for the entire family. Everyone is amazed and thrilled to meet this strong willed little girl!!

Today I am sharing Baby Ella’s story with you. She is a tiny new baby who is struggling with a huge problem – a diagnosis of liver cancer at the tender age of two months. This is a very real crisis that has a strangle hold on the entire family of some of my dearest friends.

Imagine that you arrive at your pediatricians for a regular scheduled well baby appointment. Within moments the doctor decides to run some unusual tests on your happy healthy looking baby girl. Then before you can absorb this turn of events, your baby is hospitalized and receiving chemo treatments for liver cancer and may even be facing surgery.

Last December Ella’s brave parents removed all the cute baby items and furnishings that welcomed Ella home after she was born. They needed to prepare a sterile environment for her second homecoming. Nurses gave them special gloves before leaving the hospital. Nurses also cautioned the chemo passing through Ella during normal elimination functions would burn the person conducting diaper changes should they come into contact with it, so the extra heavy duty gloves were a necessity. (I couldn’t bring myself to ask but could only imagine the pain Ella herself is experiencing as she urinates!)

March 1, 2010 update:

  • Baby Ella has finished her fourth round of chemo and it is still uncertain when she will need surgery.
  • Mom Deanna is recovering well from her back surgery.
  • The silent auction and spaghetti dinner was very well attended. A special thank you goes to the huge team of volunteers and to our generous community who made the evening a big success.

Baby Ella and her lovely Mom, Deanna, during another recent hospital stay for a round of chemo:

Fund raising has begun in our community of extended family and friends. If you live anywhere near Portland Oregon we would appreciate your joining us for a spaghetti feed and evening of live music. The next event is February 20th, 2010 at 5:00 to 8:oo pm, Estacada Community Center 200 SW Club House Drive Estacada, Oregon 97023. A silent auction will also be presented.

Here is the lineup so far:   Musician/singer RJ Ballard will take a break from performing at Portland International Airport and be on hand to support Baby Ella that night. Ella’s great uncle Mark is also a talented player who is ready to entertain you, as well as Peter Bush who is a popular musician from Estacada. It promises to be an evening to remember!

Here is a link to rsvp on Facebook. An rsvp allows us enough food to be prepared and 100% of your donations will help Baby Ella win this battle.

Regular readers of my blog are likely to not live in this area but any amount you can spare would be highly appreciated. Imagine if all 2300 of my twitter followers sent just one dollar! Goodness, even a shiny quarter from everyone would become a wonderful thing. . .

Please include Ella in your prayers and if you would like to donate, you can send coins or make a check out to Ella Frantz and mail it to her family member Natashia Kletter who is is managing the donations. (Baby Ella’s mommy also just had back surgery and can not handle much more at the moment.)

Baby Ella Fund         % Natashia Kletter
PO Box 5004
Aloha, OR 97006

February 15, 2010 UPDATE:

paypal donations and best wishes can be sent to Baby Ella’s new personal email address –

Updated Event Musical Lineup: Gerardo Calderon, Peter Bush, Mark Burlingame, RJ Ballard

Wow – these guys were all fantastic players.

I will soon be adding posts about some of them and their specific talents.

Baby Ella before she learned how quickly life can change and just how harsh it sometimes can be.

The good news is that Ella’s cancer was found before she became tragically ill, meaning she should be strong enough to beat this cancer gene and win her battle. Thank you for joining me as we bolster this young family’s hopes and mounting financial burdens.

~Kris Tabor