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The American West faced another ugly chapter when the Bureau of Land Management got into the business of wild horse removal this week.

The CloudFoundation blog also has an updated call to action plan that I urge you to participate in. It will only take a moment of  your day. Look for it midway down the first page. There is still work to be done, such as making calls asking for the older horses to be released.

I found this fascinating quote today:

And while a deep silence lay over the witnesses, Cloud, the leader, the master of the mountains turned from the gate and took a stance starring back directly at his aggressor, the helicopter.  His intent was obvious, his message was clear, his point was well taken and a few quite sobs were heard within Cloud’s family of human followers.  He made his stand, then turned and walked towards the gate.  He had done all he could do, the observers had tried all that they could and collectively the humans and horses knew that they had lost all control, their future and fate was no longer in their hands, Cloud’s family was to be ripped apart and all that remained for them was a few final moments of togetherness, a gentle touch, while they huddled in fear against the gate that lead to their group’s destruction.  Their cries intermingled with those from their human friends high above who felt their loss and shared their helplessness, they cried together and bowed their heads.rtfitch.wordpress.com, Straight from the Horse’s Heart, Sep 2009

You should read the whole article written from on-site observers perspective.