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It is time to pack favorite summertime foods into jars and freezer bags if you want to serve healthy old-fashioned flavor to your family this winter.

Rated EASY ~ The following process is so simple even non-cooks can do it!

Here’s the scoop how to create fresh tomato flavor that you can serve all winter long:

Look for Roma tomatoes – others are simply too watery. Cut about 20 Roma tomatoes in half. (Some people call them plum or Italian tomatoes. They are the stocky un-round ones that are fleshy rather than juicy.)

Mix your favorite herbs in a few tablespoons of olive oil (I prefer extra virgin). Gently turn the tomatoes in the oil mix until they are coated evenly. Now slow cook for 8 to 10 hours at 200 degrees. Ovens vary but you can safely ignore them for the first 7 hours, then start checking to be sure not to burn them. The aroma will drive you crazy so don’t be surprised when everyone begins to gather in the kitchen to see what you are doing! In other words, try to do a large enough batch to make sure you have plenty left to freeze for winter use. You will be adding these to almost everything you can imagine ~ stews and soups, any meat, rice and pasta, crackers and bread with crumbled cheese.

Being creative is the secret of great cooks!

20 Roma – Plum type tomatoes  (using uniform size tomatoes ensures they all will be done at the same time)

2 T olive oil, plus a little extra to oil the baking pan if you don’t have a mister for that

Mix Herbs into the olive oil: Use a base of 2 Tablespoons each of dried basil, marjoram and oregano.
Then add different combination’s of herbs -garlic, thyme, sage, red pepper flakes. (This is another opportunity to be creative.)

Gently turn the Roma’s in the seasoned oil mix and place a single layer on oiled cookie sheets or glass baking dish. Slow bake at 200 for 8-10 hours. Cool completely.  Flat freeze in freezer bags – be sure to push out as much air as possible from the bag before sealing.

Warning:  No matter what volume of slow baked tomatoes you freeze, it will never be enough!