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Carver Oregon is one of the smallest places in the state and one of the busiest too. Perched on Portland’s back step Carver plays host to a constant recreational stream of fisherman and water sports enthusiasts as they converge upon the once pristine and still scenic Clackamas River. Carver’s Baker Bridge is also the gateway to approximately 80+ Christmas tree u-cut farms. The recent vampire teen romance flick Twilight, has added a new dimension of activity to tiny Carver’s bursting intersection.

Twilight was set in Washington state where constant rain makes a perfect place to allow nice vampires to blend in while passing time and savoring flavors of their lost “humanity”. All that perfect rain must have been a bit too constant because scenes of Bella and her dad at a tiny diner where filmed here in Carver Oregon, not Washington. Ever since the cafe scene filming began, fans have sought out having their own picture taken in front of the same window as Bella or with one of the Carver Cafe waitresses who had a bit part in the movie. Several times a week a movie tour van overflows the parking lot. Now the locals are taking pictures of the fans . . .

November 20, 2009 Update: With tonight’s premiere of NEW MOON, the latest Twilight movie, I have heard local fans plan a parking lot campout! Must be a rumor. Why wouldn’t they be at the theatre enjoying watching Edward and Bella?

A new sign went up outside the cafe this week advertising their website: http://www.carvercafe.com

I checked out the carvercafe.com site and have a few comments:
1) cute tee-shirts are available that read ‘I got a BITE at Carver Cafe’
2) more accurate history: the cafe was built by George and Dorothy Bartling. Originally it was called ‘Dot’s Pie Shop’ and the Bartlings lived in the big house behind the pie shop until the early 1990’s.
3) Dorothy and George were best friends with the couple I purchased my farm from. When George and Dorothy began to downsize they passed on several wooden benches, some tools and some great drinking glasses to me. The Bartling’s both had a twinkle in their eye and had a great sense of humor. They are likely giggling in heaven thinking about their pie shops link to romantic teen vampires.
4) Carver Oregon was once known as Stone Oregon and stone quarried from this area was used to build the grand Portland hotel that once stood where Portland’s current ‘living room’ at the Square is located. (In the area which is now the Carver Boat Ramp the quarried rock was loaded onto barges during the spring floods and was floated about six miles down the Clackamas River to Oregon City to be distributed. Besides the Portland Hotel rock from the quarry provided materials to build the Oregon City Locks, the Tillamook Lighthouse, and Portland’s Pioneer Post Office.

This was not Carver’s first time as a film location. Denzel Washington’s 90’s film The Diving Bell also used Carver’s Baker Bridge as a backdrop. Locals recall others too, but time has marched on and left our memories out of step . . . I will add it later if anyone every can remember the names or actors.