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In honor of Independence Day weekend I am calling attention to two bills (make that 3 now) that stomp all over our heritage and independence.

Inform yourself – Stand UP – and PUSH BACK! Less than 2 weeks to go!

These 3 bills affect people who grow food:  With expensive registrations, restrictions forcing you to never save seed, to use only GMO seeds and chemicals, unnatural fertilizers, and stomping growers with overwhelming penalties that can break your back, break your bank and take your land if you don’t grow it their way – I see it as a huge attack on everyone who wants to know what they are really eating, and where is their food coming from. I see this as instant DEATH to Farmer’s Markets, roadside stands and eating locally. I also find it criminal that GMO seeds and English only labeled chemicals  are being forced onto other nations by the US.

Did I mention poorly written? In HR2749 there is enough room in the way this bill is worded that it could eventually be interpreted to include your own backyard food garden. Nor are penalties and registrations capped. (In other words, annual grower registration was backed off from $1000 to $500, but can be upped to whatever unreasonable fee they decide to levy in the future.)

HR 2749 is another huge Food Safety Bill threat and it is pending right now, ready to invade to your first amendment. These Reps are co-sponsoring Rep. John Dingell-MI HR 2749;  Diana DeGette-CO, Frank Pallone-NJ, Bart Stupak-MI, Betty Sutton-OH, Henry Waxman-CA

July 6, 2009: URGENT UPDATE REGARDING FOOD SAFETY BILLS Thank you for this comment:   Bigger problem now… HR 2749. Please blog on this. It’s moving FAST!
See our analysis and petition.

[note: I do my best to follow these issues and I am not aware of it all – so please continue to comment and share what you know. ]

The proposed  “Food Safety Act” HR875 and S425 bills are so poorly written that they will cause small organic farmers to be forced to buy chemicals and drugs for their animals or face $5000,000+ in penalties – property may even be taken away, and bills are broadly written so that this can even apply to your backyard garden beds (requires everybody to register your food growing efforts and abundance can’t be shared with a neighbor!)

I understand “Food Safety Act” HR875 and S425 bills are stuck (not stopped) but these poorly written bills should never have made it so far.

One of the lead sponsor of the bill is CT’s Rosa Delauro who is married to Stan Greenburg a political strategist who works …you guessed it …  for Monsanto.

I will add to this post as the month goes on – even though I promised myself  creative days in the garden and studio. The short 2-3 week time frame that these bills are pumping with may not give me the luxury of working in the studio or the garden this month!

Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Bartram must be turning over in their graves if they have caught wind of this disaster. Government has no right to force organic and backyard farmers into not being able to save seed (as well as a long list of other no no’s.)

Shame on Monsanto, Tyson, etc.

Please get involved asap. WRITE – CALL – BLOG – TWITTER as fast as you can – and buy all the heritage seed you can find.

Here is more informationto ponder regarding GMO’s:  http://everytable.wordpress.com/2009/06/16/cool-ing-down-monsanto/