Thanks for stopping by. Slim pickings here this week. I am dashing around preparing for some vacation time. I have heard you can never go home. Sure it won’t be the same, but I am not looking for sameness so here I come!

My daughter is married and lives in another state now. We are meeting midway in the beautiful valley where I lived ages 11-17. She has never been there and I haven’t been back since high school graduation.

There were 10 boys and 4 girls in my senior class and most of them had known each other since day one, and I imagine many of them are still there. This is not a trip about seeing them. This is a trip to reacquaint myself with the land that never failed to take my breath away, and to share some precious time with my girl.

We are staying in a historic old hotel that has been faithfully restored – marble floors, polished wood, on 5 park-like acres in the middle of a tiny town with a creek roaming through it. Together we will take a million pictures and hike, and share the forgotten secrets moms and daughters have when they are so far away from each other. I can’t wait to catch up, and I’ll see YOU when I get back next week.