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A trip to the snail-mail box yielded some pleasant birthday wishes. Among the usual greetings I found an unexpected postcard that actually raised chuckles throughout the household. It is from my very young state representative, Brent Barton.

The photo side of the card displays Oregon’s beautiful Crown Point Vista House which overlooks The Historic Columbia River Gorge. It also mentions that my state recently turned 150 years old this past February. It looked like a travel postcard, but turning it to read the message . . . well here, see for yourself:

Actually Brent, I have never felt better, but thanks for the thought ~ jeez, I must seem ancient to the young man.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

BTW, I have travel plans the later part of the week. To you, that means I won’t have time to scan the rest of the Mt St Helen eruption series until the first of June, but they will be coming forth.