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It is a busy holiday weekend and I won’t have much time to blog. However, I have made a commitment to myself to document what interests me and where I’ve been in the world. So today I am releasing photos of the 1980 Mt St Helen eruption that were taken by friends who were there, face-to-face with the exploding mountain and in a very small plane. Now that I have located the pictures I find I have the entire series – all 18. For different reasons, none of the plane’s occupants or their families have kept their photos. They were excited to learn I still have them. We hope you enjoy them.

I am posting 5 of the 18 pictures in their proper sequence.

(In my Archives click on Mountains (A Volcano in the backyard) to see a vintage 1949 photo of St Helen and Spirit Lake and  a time lapse video update of the past four years – great music too).

My friends returned to tell the tale. Fifty seven others perished in the disaster.

If anyone has interest in ALL 18 of these photos please comment and I will add them in the future.

Happy Memorial Day weekend.                 Drive very carefully everyone.

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