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I live with a talented musician/artist under this little cottage roof. His music and talent is huge, and his equipment has a pretty huge footprint too. I am thinking about all this because yesterday he just hauled home a sound system and I am looking around with eyes of wonder. Are Lyle Lovett and His Large Band coming over next? We’ll be ready for him!

On the brightest note, when grandchildren visited the first week of May I knew how blessed we were to have the ability to record the kids singing and playing instruments. A video recorder wasn’t on hand but these pictures tell the story.

When GPop has the place loaded with gear I am thankful all the cottage’s interior doors are still in tact!

Make some music with your kids today. Our 4 year old princess surprised us with her rythm and sweet voice, plus she knew the words to several of her GPop’s orginal songs. We found the 2 year old grandson can certainly play drums on anything and that was fun for everybody too.