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“To keep me out you’d have to chain me to the outside,” laughs Grandpa Elliot (also known as one time recording artist Elliot Small), speaking of his beloved music and city of New Orleans.

Now as a featured musician seen in music videos produced by Playing for Change, he is pretty much a household word these days.  Playing for Change is dedicated to using music -the universal language- to carrying their message of hope and peace around the globe.

New Orleans native Grandpa Elliot began tapping his way up and down Bourbon Street more than 50 years ago, and these days a walk along Toulouse or Royal will find him singing soulful harmonies and playing his mouth harp. Fifty years brings a lot of change to any city. Add some major storms and a giant disaster like Katrina; it can all sadden a man’s eyes, but it has not seemed to dampen Grandpa Elliot’s talented big heart and that smoooooth blues voice.

The month of May always takes me on a ‘mind vacation’ back to NOLA; springtime, Jazz Fest, meeting up with friends from around the world, and being immersed in historical buildings.

Spend some time and learn more about the work of the wonderful people behind http://playingforchange.com There are more videos here that highlight Grandpa Elliot.  I can’t be sure why I could not embed them on the blog : (  ~  Anyway this is a great cause and you too can help peace spread throughout our big beautiful world.

Update for Oregon Public Broadcasting Viewers:

Don’ Playing For Change: Peace Through Music

Mark Johnson traveled the globe recording little-known musicians from diverse parts of the world.

Thu, Sep 10, 8:00 pm · Playing For Change: Peace Through Music
57 minutes [ Stereo TVG ]

Sat, Sep 12, 9:30 pm · Playing For Change: Peace Through Music
87 minutes [ Stereo TVG ]

Mon, Sep 14, 12:00 am · Playing For Change: Peace Through Music
87 minutes [ Stereo TVG ]