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Have you created a squidoo lens yet? Look at how easily I created this informative lens. It makes you feel great when you can help further a good cause and this lens explains how you can do just that. Likely you will think of some causes of your own that can be helped if you create your own squidoo lens.


This tiny url that takes you to my newest squidoo lens; learn about a very tiny post office at Bridal Veil Oregon. Here you will learn how easy it is to have your mail sent from Bridal Veil with a tiny work of art printed on it – instead of boring, crooked, typical machine cancellation.

Tiny? Yes! It is 10’x14′ and the 2nd smallest free standing post office in America. By the way, my squidoo lens also tells you about the very smallest post office in America too.

Bridal Veil Oregon has 2nd smallest post office in America

You will  learn about the itsy bitsy town’s Postmaster Geri Canzler. It is her dedication that provides the free old fashioned hand cancellation services that is so coveted. Brides worldwide have learned how to tap into this free service and create their own tiny packages of intrigue and beautiful intimate mail. Take a moment and see how easy it is for you to help keep open the one door that makes it all happen. Become part of the history.

Stamp revenues are the ONLY thing that ensures this 10′ x 14′ post office will be with us in the future.

2010 Update: With cuts and recession grabbing headlines, I recently contacted the Bridal Veil Post Office to confirm they are still open. I was happy to hear Postmaster Canzler answer the phone. Here is what I learned. It is simply a great idea: Many brides who have used these services are also passionate about keeping the door open for new generations of brides. Fortunately some brides have parents who own businesses and their companies are helping by ordering postage stamps by mail from tiny Bridal Veil. You can do this too! Ask your employer or self-employed friends to call for simple details 503.695.2380

Are you tempted to just send an e-invite for your wedding? Well, think again. There is a website that one young college guy says he spent a year of his life working on (to generate income). I urge you to keep in mind that weddings are a foundation of tradition, family, and re-union. Don’t deprive the mothers and memory keepers in your family from tucking away the treasured mementos of  your honored day.

Wikipedia claims Bridal Veil OR is a ghost town with a waterfall. The area residents informed me that google earth has problems with their geography too so don’t count on your gps helping you arrive there. You simply can’t believe everything you read now can you?

http://squidoo.com/bridalveilpostoffice takes you there too. Enjoy and please share with all hostesses and brides to be. I will also be updating soon with more information on how to properly address invitation outer envelopes and stamp placement.

One of two custom cancellation stamps for your mail.

One of two custom cancellation stamps for your mail.