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Imagine growing up without music in your ears . . . impossible isn’t it?

Yet the only stray sound I knew as a kid was the static of a short wave radio and a horse whinny. Although there was also a huge heavy black encased thing in the corner known as Dad’s World Radio and it was strictly hands off. At times when we were left at home alone (they did this is the 60’s), even the threat of a beating couldn’t stop my brother from fishing for something to feed our young souls by tinkering with the different dials and bands.

I left home young and eager to visit the rest of the planet, and within a year was putting down roots in a small European village. My Volkswagen bus, “Pogo” had a radio, and no one to tell me to turn it off. I must admit the Armed Forces music selection didn’t really work for me, but it was the station that rang out the clearest, and it was a language I spoke. Occasionally a Beatles song popped up on local economy stations, but if I wanted to hear hip music in English in those days, it meant a drive to the northwest coast of France where I was close enough to England to tune it in. On really grand days the sun even shined for a while there.

Today I live with a talented musician/songwriter, but it is no wonder I am not someone who needs music overlapping into every corner of my mind, but even my untrained ears perk up when something like this video comes along.

I’ve seen Grandpa Elliot performing on the streets of New Orleans when I’ve been in town for Jazz & Heritage Festival. I hope to see him again in the near future, but until then I’ll be watching him right here, over and over again!

http://playingforchange.com has more world music and more importantly a world vision of PEACE. Please take time to learn more about them.

Recently some of my twitter friends have gotten me interested in blip.fm where I am my own DJ. In just a few moments you too can have your own radio station~    http://blip.fm/invite/BellaDaze

Look me up and share tunes you like so we can create a world of music together. I am eager to learn more.

Update for Oregon Public Broadcasting Viewers:

Don’ Playing For Change: Peace Through Music

Mark Johnson traveled the globe recording little-known musicians from diverse parts of the world.

Thu, Sep 10, 8:00 pm · Playing For Change: Peace Through Music
57 minutes [ Stereo TVG ]

Sat, Sep 12, 9:30 pm · Playing For Change: Peace Through Music
87 minutes [ Stereo TVG ]

Mon, Sep 14, 12:00 am · Playing For Change: Peace Through Music
87 minutes [ Stereo TVG ]