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Attention Entrepreneurs:

Blakely and her Spanx shaping undies will cheerlead you to get off the couch and show what you are made of.

In this short video clip Sara shares an amusing story about her product being selected as one of Oprah’s favorite things . . .and you will find yourself encouraged into action. After all, if not now, when?  Right now is the one lifetime we can count on, and never has there been another time in history that a person has had so much free access to everything they need to make all their dreams come true.

Who is Sara Blakely?

Sara is a really nice person, who, like so many other girls cut the feet off her pantyhose so she would look great in pants and sandals. Now unlike other girls Sara invested $5000.00 in her idea and launched her company SPANX. Now even Oprah and Paula Deen wear Sara’s hot body-shaping garments and open toed shoes never looked so good.

I have been a Blakely admirer since the first time I watched an interview of her.  I certainly can’t recall the interviewer but I never forgot Sara’s determination, you know, that ‘I can do this!’ attitude.

I myself have had an idea that someone like Sara Blakely could really run with. Perhaps I should take Sara’s own advice and contact her . . . to be continued : )