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Creative women rule! And they are everywhere. Here I will share three surprising sources that have expanded the nurturing creative women in my own life.

  • Women’s writing group

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Not only am I impressed with the writing, I am impressed with the women in this group. They have been meeting for the better part of fourteen years. I am not sure if Patricia Lichen has been the leader all those years but she currently tops the totem and she has been a member since the beginning of the group. I am not always available on Wednesdays, but this is the place to be whenever possible. I have watched firm critiques filled with merit that hone in on strengths and offer substance to overcome weakness. I have observed enthusiastic knitting for an ill sister member.  I have been impressed that women who are not currently working on writing are still in attendance. Best of all, you bring chocolate when your work is published! Local talent is abundant in Oregon City. Meetings are Wednesdays, 12-2 pm at Clackamas Community College.

  • Book Club Group

We are only four deep but such a small group allowed us to form deep tight relationships with each other, entirely different than you find in large groups. We get to laugh, love, eat, hug and read together. We also pick up the phone and know how to burst into action when one of us needs something more. Our men even attempt to hang out with us on book club night! (I think they really like our food!)

By keeping a small tight group we can spend an evening in one members pottery studio. Currently we are looking for dates to leave town together and hang out for a looooong weekend ~ talking about books of course!

  • Twitter

My life at Twitter has exploded into a world of primarally female followers and many of them leave me filled with awe and thirst. I cannot imagine anywhere else in the world that I can have both feet entrenched here at my sweet Oregon farmhouse, and at the very same moment rub shoulders with down to earth published authors, horse trainers, artists, gardeners, food mavens, creativity coaches and inspirational leaders, hundreds of exceptionally creative Etsy souls, and even a celebrity once in awhile. Several of my favorites are retired women who just connect to share and stay vibrant. Of course there are many other types of people on Twitter, but it doesn’t take long to sort out things. There are women there who state their intent to make a profit and market themselves. Some of them also nurture a strong following by paying attention to content. And then there are days when virtual hugs & kleenex pop out of nowhere and tend to those who are suffering true hardships or are just feeling a bit punk. You can find me on twitter.com/BellaDaze. I look forward to it.

By the way, regarding twitter- just so you know, I am not interested in financial markets, paying for 16K followers in 30 days, most sports, or the gals who use a only a first name and the year they may have been born (Muffin69 is likely a porn or spam account). Most of my Follow/Followers list are positive upbeat folks with similar intersets as mine: art, writing, nature, photography, music, books, and the like.