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There are many ‘firsts’ happening to me this early May. Wide range of things:

  • Mundane; I failed to return my large stack of library books last week. Yikes, big fine!
  • Perfect; grandchildren from Oklahoma arrived with their Mommy for a week with us in Oregon’s liquid sunshine. Fantastic!
  • Relentless; rains have continued for days. I am watching the river swell~ fully aware that May is very late for this volume of water to be crushing lush green pastures.
  • Typical; this will be the last May my roof sees ~ needs to be replaced soon.
  • Sad; today I found a baby osprey fallen from its ancient nest tree just fifteen feet beyond my living room window. Still and downy ~ very wet. Yesterday we had huge wind gusts and torrential rains all day. This young birds wing and tail displayed bound pin feathers that were only just beginning to develop. Strong long legs, huge talons, feet larger than a full grown rooster, body small like a banty hen, head round and the size of a regular full size chicken. If the fall didn’t kill the bird immediately, it would have died of exposure within moments in this weather. Yes, I took a photo ~ for personal documentation. No, I won’t post it.
  • Hope; I am praying the other young nestlings are safe and alive. As well as, hoping we see the grandbabies far more often.

Every February/March I anxiously await the return of majestic Osprey. Two years ago the 85 year old man who owns the land across from me clear-cut his timber and illegally toppled an Opsrey nest tree. Last year when the giant fishing birds returned they settled in the top of an ancient tree next to my house/driveway. Their home will be safe as long as I am alive and the winds spare it.  Osprey are also known as Fishing Hawks since more than 90% of their diet is madeup of fish, but I’ve also seen them eat a variety of other creatures. So far, we have a mutual understanding regarding my chickens and barnyard. Let’s keep it that way!