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I have a blogspot and must confess I have never really taken flight with it. As one of my yearly goals I finally found a writing group to join. This group recently  began blogging on wordpress so I started to explore blogging in general again.  It also wasn’t long ago that I rolled into twitterville and discovered my facebook account felt completely outdated.

You bet, I twittered at least a month before Oprah showed up. I like the live stream, have over a thousand followers now, and the brevity (only 140 characters per post) is a huge part of the appeal.

As my following grew, I roamed hundreds of blogs and have subscribed to a large handful of them. I quickly concluded I really want to blog too.

Seeking kiss ~ keep it simple stupid ~ I have decided wordpress is exactly where I also should be blogging, and it is frequently suggested to me as the best darn blogsite around.